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    Talking TheGuild

    so anybody watched there episodes on youtube? other than

    Can't give more info atm my pc is on my pc playing HoN with all my connection profiles.
    Its about a guild that play's a Game online and the storie goes from there.

    Characters. Vork,Zaboo, Zaboo's mom, Blades,Codex,Clair.
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    I watched it when it 1st came out on their site and later one or two eps on xbox downloads. Since I'm used to Felicia Day being stunning in Buffy as well as Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, I was severely disappointed by seeing her in this sub-par series.

    Sure it's a private project and self-funded, but none of the other actors are even close to her and the stereotyping is crassly overboard.

    It's a shame, I was really looking forward to liking the show. :/

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    I love it. It's hilarious. Glad she decided to create something of her own. Hopefully they can go big-budget one day
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