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    Those that are looking for fun games and tired of the mega game industries that only want to suck your wallet dry and deliver half-baked products should go visit These developers are independent and their are some good games out there looking to break into the market.

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    In this retro-looking, single-screen endless plat former, your hero walks and slays hundreds of monsters on his own - you only tell him which direction to take, and when to jump. Killing monsters nets the player coins to buy equipment, and also makes our hero level up pretty quickly, making this game feel like a fast-paced RPG. Stuck in a single screen's width, combat becomes hectic and quite challenging in a matter of seconds.Varied boss fights and unlockables make this worth playing for hours on end. After a couple runs, you'll probably unlock the wizard and his whirlwind attack (replaces jumping, makes you invulnerable for a second),

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