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Thread: JasCraft 1.5.1 South African MineCraft Server

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    Thumbs up JasCraft 1.5.1 South African MineCraft Server

    Greeting to the My Gaming community! Thought I'd come and share this with you guys if there is people interested in playing Minecraft locally.

    JasCraft 1.5.1 South African MineCraft Server

    JasCraft is a newly created South African MineCraft Server. The server was started about a month ago and is now open to the public. The server is hosted locally which means its lag free!

    Some facts about the server:

    No whitelisting required.

    40 slots available. To be upgraded as required.

    Locally hosted (No lag).

    Premium account NOT required.

    Active team of admins to assist with any queries.

    Locally hosted Teamspeak server.

    List of plugins / mods / activities:

    Bukkit Server

    Minecraft Essentials







    Wild / Survival


    Treasure hunting

    And much more.

    Where to find us:

    Server address:


    Facebook Page:

    I will be keeping an eye on this thread so if you have any questions or suggestions about the server or MineCraft in general feel free to ask. Alternatively check out our Facebook page.
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    Update 17/04/2013:

    - Upgraded to 40 available slots.
    - Upgraded RAM on the server.
    - Added Factions.
    - We are also doing daily PvP / Parkour / Maze events with prizes.

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    In Game known as Superchewbacca1/Supperchewbacca

    Was sad to see jascraft go was my favorite server.

    but i have a offer for all my friends and the admins from jascraft.
    i will give you a free rank and cash on my server
    and some will get builder and maybe admin rank.

    i have a open pre alpha server demo/test week running now 17/06/2013 to 21/06/2013 during witch i will obtain builders and admins

    server specs
    6 core 12 thread @3.06 GHZ (dedicated)
    32GB 1866 Ram (dedicated)
    240GB SSD (raid 1) (dedicated)
    2gb upload/2gb download line (dedicated)
    hosted by me (to be moved to Samsung with fiber optic once popularity rises)
    750 + 2500 slots (depending on line quality)

    so come join me now to see what i have planed

    you can also text me on skype: SuperChewbacca1
    or ingame @
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    really no replies! the alpha week is now concluded and the server closed. the open beta server should run on sunday/monday.

    I did however get the 3 staff i was looking for. thanks to those who came to say hi and their great comments.
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    server is now open and online

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