Well we don't have a cooking thread and it is becoming one of my hobbies so I figured why not create a thread where people can post some lekker recipies that they have made and tasted.

I recently made a lekker spaghetti bolognaise that I really enjoyed, (R200, serves 5, cooking time incl prep 1hour)
made this on my birthday for the family instead of the usual going out or ordering in.

550gram mince
250gram bacon pieces
1 onion
2 tomatoes
1 punnet mushrooms
500gram spaghetti
2 sachet's tomato paste
1 small tub chili garlic mix
Grated Mozzarella cheese for covering (amount per taste)
1 Knorr Spaghetti Bolognaise sauce powdered sachet
1 Knorr tomato and bacon sauce powdered sachet
Some hot water

Cut up mushrooms, onion and tomatoes.
Start cooking spaghetti, add tsp of salt and a little oil.
Start cooking bacon (frying pan), spaghetti (pot) and mince (separate pot).
When bacon is about 70% done throw in onion, tomato and mushrooms after 5 minutes add one tomato paste sachet. By this time mince should also be about 70% done, add about 300ml hot water and the sachet's of powdered sauce as well as 2nd sachet of tomato paste.
2 minutes later add chili garlic as per taste to mince.
Take contents of frying pan and mix in with mince. Mix well. Consistency should be "blobby" (not sure of correct culinary term).
Dish out spaghetti on to bowls.
Take mince solution and gooi on top of spaghetti.
Sprinkle bits of cheese over food
Watch it melt
Serve and enjoy

Also does anybody remember the DSTV ad (think it was them) with the air hostess would come down the aisle with her serving trolley asking, beef or chicken, channel flipped and it would change to fish.
Well anyways when going to Spur or whatnot which do you go for with their Monday night burger specials. I always choose beef.