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Thread: 5 PC troubleshooting tips

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    Default 5 PC troubleshooting tips

    5 PC troubleshooting tips

    Having some PC problems? Our short list can help you identify the culprit

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    Usually the first 5 things I look for when working on pcs and one to add is when your pc is slow check the anti virus.

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    True... while I agree with the statement that it is almost never a virus, ironically though, a lot of times it is the anti virus. I myself have had major problems with AVG that causes my computer to freeze dead (mouse pointer, sound, everything) and I've seen many instances of Kaspersky causing programs to stop working.

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    I don't use Anti-Virus on any of my PCs. I am also not stupid and I don't click on dodgy links or visit dodgy sites or copy stuff from people who have viruses on their drives. Been running like this for years without infection...

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    This video legitimately works some of the time.

    Also check out this guys youtube channel for informative tips.

    Here's an example:

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    Plugs always come out my motherboard on my other pc

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