View Poll Results: Should swearing be allowed on MyGaming?

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  • Yes, there should be no censorship whatsoever.

    10 10.64%
  • Yes, but only in context. No excessive or abusive swearing should be tolerated.

    56 59.57%
  • No, keep the swearing filter.

    13 13.83%
  • I dont mind either way.

    15 15.96%
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Thread: Should swearing be allowed on MyGaming?

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    Default Should swearing be allowed on MyGaming?

    Hey guys and girls.

    Quite simple, vote for your choice. Feel free to remain anonymous, or if you like, provide a supporting argument for your stance in this thread.

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    i really couldnt give a hoot.... about the swearing filter. ireally cant see why its become such a big issue. you'd swear ppl were being castrated or something
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    Yes but with in reason and with in context. I dont want this site to turn into a place where people swear just for the sake of swearing. But in the context of expressing yourself it think its perfectly acceptable.
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    i think so far its gonna be a yes but with exceptions
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    I'm actually for having another option that it should be contained to the Thread Killer thread and swearing anywhere else in the forums you get a warning/talking to. Maybe put a PG13 next to the TK so people know

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    Well I dont give a flying **** but I do agree with MH that we must somehow at least try to protect the young uns. Not sure even if this is possible. Maybe register seperately to the TK under conidtions like PG13

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    It's broken.

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    see that's the other stupid part of having a swear filter, it cuts out some normal words too and then you have threads filled with *** even for normal conversations. It's stupid.

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    **** this one still works

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