Our team at E3 have been talking with Forza 5 studio manager Ian Hartman, who had a very interesting fact to share.

"Here’s a little secret for you,” explains Hartman. “We were working on Forza 5 before we shipped Forza 4.

"Chris Tector, who is our chief architect, he has been working with the Xbox One hardware team for the last four years. He was involved with the early chip discussions and there’s actually chips on the motherboard that are there because of Chris Tector’s involvement.

"Before we shipped Forza 4 we had the game architected by Chris,” continues Hartman. “Literally the month before our game released to the public, our dev team was already off building the foundations of Forza 5.

"It’s a whole new engine, from the ground up, re-architected for the Xbox One and I mean truly re-architected.”

So not only have the Forza team had a direct hand in the creation of the Xbox One, but Forza 5 has been stewing for a very long time. We can't wait to see more from the Xbox One exclusive racing sim and how it has benefited from an extended development cycle.