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Thread: kickasstorrents domain seized

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    Default kickasstorrents domain seized

    Kickass torrent closed down and domain name has been seized by the Philippine authorities.

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    Default kickasstorrents domain seized

    This explains everything!! Thought my Internet was being funny
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    Its bound to happen at some stage unfortunately
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    Didnt read the whole story but its up and running still. Just under a new address. Katproxy

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    yea its on a other proxy. It cant be shutdown so easy. The same happened to Piratebay

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    yeah they just lost the, now they're running on

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    Piracy is obviously a problem on a number of levels - however, these copyright groups are just pissing in the wind. Shut down one web address and 10 more will pop up to replace it.

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    Many of my obtained files were from kat.
    If all goes south, there are still many others to choose from, though, kat has been the most worthwhile, IMO.

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    You bloody pirates you! Bad bad ppl!
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