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Thread: Nordic Games acquires two Atari intellectual properties

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    Default Nordic Games acquires two Atari intellectual properties

    Nordic Games announced this morning it has obtained the intellectual property rights to Desperados and Silver. Both IPs were purchased from the latest crusty incarnation of Atari, a shriveled golem given life by licensing, currently chopping off its limbs and selling itself in pieces.

    Desperados was a Wild West stealth tactics game that had two installments in 2001 and 2006, both developed by Spellbound. Silver, from 1999, was an action RPG for PC and Dreamcast.

    Nordic Games recently spent $4.9 million to acquire THQ's back catalog and is in the process of working through its plans for those franchises. We should learn more about Nordic's roadmap for its ever-increasing catalog of IPs at Gamescom in August.

    Source: Nordic Games

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    New Desperados? Yes please! Just not like the 2006 nonsense.

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    It has been a while since I've heard the Desperados name. The first one was best.

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