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Thread: Defiance - Official Thread

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    Default Defiance - Official Thread who else is / has played this game? (Coudnt find a thread on forum)

    Been playing this game for a few days now on pc, and really starting to enjoy it. There are no levels, so no grindfest to get levels or gear or anything. Similar principle to secret world...

    Although its not an UBER Mmo that makes you wanna sit for hours and play to gain levels, you find yourself playing for hours anyways. If you are watching the series, you find a lot of familiar charaters come across your path directly out of series. The random events and arkfalls are a lot of fun, easy way to make scrip and get some goodies as well. The dailies and pursuits are a nice way of getting different costumes etc... and its an open world that you can just explore on your quad bike (starter transport)

    Early on you get access to these mini-instances, which are like mini dungeons with a story and some funny characters as well! Being that the series in integrated with the game, it sometimes feels like you are seeing the edited out footage from the series when you are doing storyline quests.

    It has recieved a lot of mixed reviews, and I understand its not for everybody....but it definately is a lot of fun. Especially if you party up with someone. I have been playing with Unsane, and we have been having a lot of fun.

    Would like to try the pvp soon, we just been doing quests, arkfalls and co-op instances. There is also a few pvp maps, and "shadowlands" not tried that one yet.

    If anybody else is playing, pop me a friend invite -> Banelight ; and come join us, we play basically every night.
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    Hrm. I personally would've posted this under the MMO section, but that's just me. Here's the BETA thread:
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    the big question still remains.... is it worth $40?

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    Hey Everyone,

    I'd just like to mention that
    Trion Worlds support got back to me with the following message:

    "Hello Sarah-Jane,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding Defiance. We apologize that one of your friends isn't receiving the Defiance 30% off price after you invited them. Can you please respond back to us with the email address of the friend with the account in question? We will be able to make sure the accounts are properly linked and if not we can go ahead and manually do that for you. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds and for playing Defiance. Your reference number for this ticket is 130702-001696.


    GM Zarn
    Trion Worlds Inc."

    Please could those of you who are interested in purchasing Defiance (currently retailing at R500.00 at BT Games) for the discounted price of R278.00 let me know so that I may notify Trion, who'll then link your account to mine and issue you with the aforementioned discount. Currently Zebediah <Grim Wolves>, Banelight <Grim Wolves> and
    Euthanasia <Grim Wolves> are mucking about in it and it certainly is tons of fun (much more so if you're a fan of the SyFy series like me!)

    N.B. Please note that Grim Wolves have not abandoned the other MMOs that we're involved in. We're still actively involved in Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (BETA weekends), Age of Wulin (once it enters Open BETA and there are no further character wipes) and FireFall (once it enters Open BETA and new content is released).

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    The game is currently on sale for $19.99:

    EDIT: Make that $18.00 if you apply the -10% code as well. Think I'll rather wait for the Steam summer sale, they'll probably have it on sale as well, and I prefer having my games on Steam rather than separately.
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    Thanks for the heads up Stonecold. Will let my peeps know about that site. Only reason I didn't go through Steam is because it was more expensive and because there aren't any achievements for Defiance, so I found it kind of pointless.

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    For $18-$40 i'd say yes, it's worth it. For the $60 i paid, maybe not. It's a very short lived type of game. It's fun though, but it's pretty much like a single player game. Kinda like playing a simplified version of Grand Theft Auto. If you're looking for Borderlands type of shooter with that open world MMO feeling, but without most of the MMO features we are used to in these kinds of games, you'll be quite happy.

    If you're looking for something that is going to last you longer than a month, and have GuildWars 2/WoW like features, then no, do not expect that here.

    If you really love the TV Show, you might squeeze a bit more out of this game, but not much.

    My biggest gripe and biggest mistake i think they made was totally messing up the social part of this game. This is a console game that was clearly ported back to PC. You will feel it with the menus. The lack of proper chat channels or even ability to properly talk to anyone in the game highlights the fact that no one at Trion figured people would play this game with a keyboard...
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    Me too, but I really dont have time for another mmo, I just dont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyvern View Post
    Me too, but I really dont have time for another mmo, I just dont.
    me neither.... but I can play it later, won't get it at that price later....

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