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    Default Defiance - Official Thread who else is / has played this game? (Coudnt find a thread on forum)

    Been playing this game for a few days now on pc, and really starting to enjoy it. There are no levels, so no grindfest to get levels or gear or anything. Similar principle to secret world...

    Although its not an UBER Mmo that makes you wanna sit for hours and play to gain levels, you find yourself playing for hours anyways. If you are watching the series, you find a lot of familiar charaters come across your path directly out of series. The random events and arkfalls are a lot of fun, easy way to make scrip and get some goodies as well. The dailies and pursuits are a nice way of getting different costumes etc... and its an open world that you can just explore on your quad bike (starter transport)

    Early on you get access to these mini-instances, which are like mini dungeons with a story and some funny characters as well! Being that the series in integrated with the game, it sometimes feels like you are seeing the edited out footage from the series when you are doing storyline quests.

    It has recieved a lot of mixed reviews, and I understand its not for everybody....but it definately is a lot of fun. Especially if you party up with someone. I have been playing with Unsane, and we have been having a lot of fun.

    Would like to try the pvp soon, we just been doing quests, arkfalls and co-op instances. There is also a few pvp maps, and "shadowlands" not tried that one yet.

    If anybody else is playing, pop me a friend invite -> Banelight ; and come join us, we play basically every night.
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