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Thread: The exclusive MyGaming Steam Community group.

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    Thumbs up The exclusive MyGaming Steam Community group.

    Hi everybody. James has started a new EXCLUSIVE group for active members of the MyGaming community.

    The primary purpose of the group is to do Steam giveaways for people who contribute to the MyGaming forums.

    If you don't receive an invite from either Wyvern, James, or myself, and you feel you qualify and want to join please post the full link to your steam profile here.

    Rules (provisional)

    • Must be registered for at least 2 month on MyGaming forums
    • Must be actively posting on the forums during the last two months (at least 20 posts per month, no spam, no nonsense)
    • Members who are inactive on the forum for more than 3 months will be kicked from the group.

    Edit: Since a lot of people are asking, here is where to get your signature on your giveaway page:

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    thx Soup!

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    Thanks for the invite MetalSoup, erm I mean Eugene

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    Thanks, I'm in too.

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    Thanks for the invite! I think this is a great initiative, a nice way to share with the people who make this a great forum community.

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    I'm in. Theeeeeeennnkkksss!!!

    I'll put up the Borderlands 2 draw tonight

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    Thanks for the invite as well. I've started a Nightsky giveaway for those of you who are interested.

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    I'm curious as to who this is, as I just friended them :P

    Anyone know?

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