These rules apply to all MyGaming competitions unless specified otherwise on a per-competition basis. MyGaming reserves the right to update these rules at any time.


- Make sure you are up to speed with the full MyGaming Forum rules - especially the rules related to competitions.

- Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Unclaimed prizes will either be re-allocated, or will go back into the MyGaming prize pool for a future competition.

- Any funny business taking place during competitions not covered by the specific competition rules will be dealt with accordingly.

- Entrants must have a minimum of 20 posts to be eligible for a prize draw.

- Spamming to earn forum activity points will get you disqualified.
- Quality conversational on-topic posts is the way to approach these requirements.

- Reviving old threads and making pointless posts will not be tolerated and will be monitored. Fair warning.

- Attempts to create multiple accounts to enter will be monitored.

- Entrants must be a resident of and residing in South Africa.

Standard activity scoring criteria

  • Points for Posts
  • Points for Threads
  • Points for Polls Posted
  • Points for Poll Votes
  • Points for Reputation (Given)
  • Points for Reputation (Received)
  • Points for Social Group Messages
  • Points for Social Group Discussions
  • Points for Blogs
  • Points for Blog Comments

  • Negative Points for Infraction Points (Received)

Activity competition winner exclusion guidelines

Those who have won previous activity competitions will be excluded for a few months from future competitions so as to give others a fair chance.

There will be a 3 - 6 month sit out, depending on the prize category and value.

For example, if you have won a prize in the console/gadget category, you are still eligible for the peripheral competition, and vice versa.

- Console or high-end gadget such as a tablet PC = 6 month sit out.
- Peripheral such as a keyboard or mouse = 3 month sit out.

Winner announce

- The winners will be announced in the original competition thread, as well as in a new thread in the MyGaming competition forum.