Giant Spacekat, an indie outfit in Boston, is seeking funds through Kickstarter to finish its sci-fi game Revolution 60.

Revolution 60 is set in the future and follows an all-female cast including protagonist Holiday, an assassin for an organization called Chessboard, whose crew is charged with investigating a malfunctioning American orbital weapons platform. Moral choices will play a pivotal role in the game and affect the outcome.

Frank Wu, Hugo award-winning artist, is one of the chief contributors at Giant Spacekat. Noted anime voice actress and producer Amanda Winn-Lee is also on board.

With 29 days to go, Giant Spacekat is looking to secure $5,000 to finish the game for launch in March on iOS and has already exceeded half that total. If the drive reaches $10,000, Giant Spacekat promises a PC port; $20,000 will secure Revolution 60 for Mac.

Source: Kickstarter
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