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Thread: Asus unveils snazzy ROG Tytan G70 gaming desktop

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    Default Asus unveils snazzy ROG Tytan G70 gaming desktop

    Asus unveils snazzy ROG Tytan G70 gaming desktop

    Asus has announced a transforming high-powered gaming PC as the flagship for its new Tytan range of desktops

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    Very nice looking on the outside..... meh on the inside......

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    That overclock transformer button needs to be one of those fighter plane switches with a one of those red siren lights on while it's transforming.
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    Taste differ, I guess but I don't like it. It looks like a Decepticon whose bearings seized halfway through transforming.
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    At first glance it looks cool, but I think those fans will prove largely useless and the hinges and flaps involved might not survive many LAN trips.

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    too ugly ... and too many moving parts

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    I can already guestimate the price.. Locally R30 000 minimum..
    As usual over priced, over thought, under spec'd. and damn ugly..
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    That image.. REALLY?!?!!? Do you even manage cables bro? I don't care how it performs (probably quite well) or what it costs (probably too much), but that is not how you market a rig.

    To each their own I guess.

    *EDIT: Which is a shame because Asus normally have quality stuff.
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    at first look i liked it but then i just though at what a b!tch it would be to lug around, if at all...
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    One LAN, case broken... Looks flimsy with all the kak hanging off it

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