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Thread: What would you pick?

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    Default What would you pick?

    Hey guys lets choose 3 weapons!

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    1) Plasma Cutter
    2) Lightsaber
    3) Soul Edge
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    Portal Gun
    Cap America's shield
    Big ass mother of a sword that's there
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    Caps shield
    and clouds sword(which is made up of lots of minie swords if that is truely clouds sword)
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    Dagger of time
    Portal gun
    Zero point energy field manipulator

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    well if I had to be practical about it...

    the chainsaw gun (come on, that's 2 weapons in one)

    the lightsaber (a sword that cuts through everything effortlessly. is there really any other choice here)

    and the Gravity Gun (because)

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    Caps shield
    Portal gun

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    I have no idea what these stuff are called.

    So I'll just take this:

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    For overall use:
    Gravity Gun [Unlimited Charge Life] and what's more? Enemies you kill [As well as your environment] is your weapon.

    For close-quarters melee attacks:

    For ranged attacks: [Even though the gravity gun can be useful - you don't always have shit around you that you can use for ammo]
    The Plasma Rifle (Doom 3)

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    1. Lightsaber
    Practical, lightweight and easy to carry around

    2. Portal Gun
    Because it is awesome

    3. Dagger of Time
    It's a backup in case of an oops

    If the Ironman suit is an option though, I'd go for Cara's choice... At least then if you're not in the mood to fight zombies, you can sit back and enjoy a movie and simply blast a zombie or two off you every now and then when they are in the way.

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    Hiehie see I don't have such a crappy choice

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