According to a previous report, to complete the career mode in Forza Motorsport 5 players will need a Day 1 download. That's based on prior comments made by Turn 10 Studios Creative Director Dan Greenawalt, who happens to be here at Gamescom. We are too, so we caught up with Greenawalt and asked him to clarify just how much players would miss out on without the Day 1 data.

"What it comes down to, Forza Motorsport 4 came on two discs, right? So on Disc 1 did you have all the content? Were you able to finish the game?" Greenawalt asked, the answers to those questions being no and yes respectively.

"Could you drive all the cars? No, you couldn't," he continued. "Could you drive all the tracks? No, because there were tracks that were Day 1 DLC on Forza 4. So when you say 'Do you have all the content?' - well no you don't, just like Disc 1 of Forza 4 did not, and if you had no internet connection for Forza 4 you didn't get all the content because tracks are downloaded in Forza 4. Could you finish the game? Well, you could get to Level 999, you could race a lot of cars."

"So it depends on what you define as finishing. Are you defining it as I raced every track that I deserve because I don't have to pay for these? You're not [paying for these], because you [already] paid for it; if you download it, it's free. So [the reason] you're not playing all this stuff is because you didn't download it; the same thing as Forza 4. If you define finishing as you can level up, you can earn money, you can buy cars, and you can play for 400 hours, yeah, you can do all that."

Greenawalt said he understands it's confusing, and until he actually announces the track list, it's not going to be as clear. Hopefully it will be crystal when the game arrives on retail shelves alongside the Xbox One, which will happen sometime in November.

Source Joystiq