Digital Extremes has announced that the console version of free-to-play shooter Warframe will be a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The developer explained that the title, which will be available to download for free when the console launches on November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe, will be exclusively available on Sony's console for three months.

Steve Sinclair, the studio's creative director, said, "With how the industry is evolving, this really is the Player Generation. Games are reaching players hands in so many different ways now and Sony gets it, which is why we are bringing Warframe exclusively to the PS4 first. There’s no reason not to download Warframe on day one if you’re an action game lover – it’s free."

Seeing as Warframe was originally released on PC earlier this year, the fact that exclusivity is being mentioned suggests Warfame will eventually be released on other consoles like the Xbox One. In fact, Digital Extremes admitted a couple of months ago that it was now looking into bringing the game to Microsoft's console following the company's shift in attitude to indies.

When we asked whether the studio was prepared to confirm a release on other consoles, we were told, "Warframe is not currently announced for any other console formats." Given the wording of today's announcement however, we'd be amazed if this didn't change soon.

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