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Thread: New PS Vita model unveiled

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    Default New PS Vita model unveiled

    New PS Vita model unveiled

    Smaller, lighter Playstation Vita handheld revealed by Sony

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    Wow, Sony are only making good strides recently. Almost nothing to complain about.
    That's just like, your opinion, man.

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    I hope the new vita is released with the PS4 as a bundle.
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    Quite cool looks nice and hope the price is reasonable like the ds lite is.

    Ichigo Ftw

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    On top of that, Sony has decided to ditch the OLED display in previous Vita models and opted for an LCD screen
    I wonder what sort of a difference that'll make to the actual image quality when the two are compared side by side?

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    Well that's awesome from Sony, an affordable Vita, lets hope its coming to our shores not Japan only since they not getting the PS4 this year,

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