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Thread: need some pc advice

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    Default need some pc advice

    I recently got my an ASUS gts 450 OC gpu. All my games work 100% except for battlefield 3. Whenever I play battlefield 3 for longer than 45 minutes, my gpu overheats and my entire pc freezes.
    This only happens with battlefield 3 and im running it on low graphics settings.
    Any ideas what the problem could be?

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    Please post in the correct section:

    It seems you already know the problem - it's overheating
    Can you monitor the temperature of the GPU and tell us what it is.
    You can use MSI afterburner or HWmonitor to get temp readings.

    Possible solutions:
    - Adjust case air flow to direct more cool air to your graphics card fan
    - Get an aftermarket GPU cooler
    - Water cooling (most expensive option)

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    The temp at which a GPU increases would most likely hit critical temps after 10 min of game play with the incorrect cooling, so how can it be this only after 45mins??? I would look at other things like memory testing, as memory gets full during game play, its possible that its getting to bad blocks maybe and then freezing and crashing, my thoughts

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    Try undervolting the GPU just a might just give you the edge you need.

    Also...given info is entirely inadequate for troubelshooting this. Post complete specs plus complete temp readout under load.

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    I have to agree with Xps, 45 minutes is a bit far into the game for it only to reach that temperature then.

    I had a power supply that's back cable was pulled too tight so my pc ran normally until I gamed where it would shut off because the gpu started pulling too much power.

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    Open your Nvidia control panel, go to Performance. You should have "Device settings" there. Check the cooling settings of this page. Alternatively use MSI Afterburner. Some nVidia cards I have found to have a funny issue where the fans just dont spin up quickly enough to cool the card. Try increasing your fan speed and/or creating a new profile that overrides the default fan speeds to something higher (just dont set it to 100% fan speed all the time). You might have to tweak it a couple of times to get it right, but it's solved multiple overheating issues for me in the past.

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    What you could also try is setting your Battlefield 3 settings to its absolute lowest so that the GPU takes little to no strain. If it still does it, then you know it isn't a load related issue and then you should look at cooling and all the other suggestions above.

    Just a thought on something extra to try.

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