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    Default Complete Infinity Blade III Details

    Chair has officially lifted the lid on Infinity Blade III, launching (surprise!) next week on the App Store. Check out the debut trailer:

    IB3, which Chair is referring to as the ‘conclusion’ of the trilogy, introduces a variety of new gameplay concepts and characters to the ever-growing Infinity Blade universe. Gamers can now play not only as Siris, the hero of the first two Infinity Blade games, but also Isa, the mysterious woman introduced in Infinity Blade 2. Each character has their own separate set of weapons and armor to collect and level-up, as well as tweaked fighting styles.

    Although Infinity Blade III’s storyline details remain under wraps, it’s clear from the debut trailer that series’ lore and characters are playing a more important role than ever. Lord of the Rings and Fringe star John Noble has been brought on to voice The Worker of Secrets, the game’s Big Bad. It’s also clear that the game’s sci-fi elements, which were always there if you were paying attention, will play a much more prominent role in this third series entry.

    Although Infinity Blade III tells a sophisticated linear story (Chair estimates the game contains nearly 45 minutes of cutscenes), players will have more freedom than ever in how they tackle the game’s various challenges. From The Hideout, Siris’ new base of operations, players can select from a world map which of several fortress strongholds they want to assault, compared to just a single major playable location in both IB1 and IB2. The Hideout will also be home to a variety of eccentric allies Siris and Isa recruit along the way.

    ClashMobs also return, now with multiple modes of play letting people compete and cooperate within the system’s unique “massively social” system.

    Infinity Blade III will be a Universal app priced at $6.99, compatible with the new iPhone 5S & 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 4, iPAd 3, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPod touch 5 and iPod touch 4.

    Source IGN

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    The artwork reminds me of Hellgate London... Hellgate London was a disappointment

    I'm guessing not a lot of people are replying to this because... apple. I wonder if Apple keeps this up if it will convince gamers to get an apple device for Apple exclusives, sorta like people get a PS3 to play GOW or an Xbox to GOW.

    Edit: God of War and Gears of War
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    It could be cool if they add a co-op mode to it.
    When an anti-piracy method is affecting the game for people who legitimately bought it and causing other people not to buy the game, there is obviously something wrong with it!

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