Unity on Xbox One will be officially supported sometime later this year, Unity CEO David Helgason told OXM. This collaboration is part of a new partnership between Unity and Microsoft announced this summer, which will see Unity not only on Xbox One, but also Windows Phone and PC.

"Depending on which platform there are different costs, but the fundamental thing is that the tools themselves are the same," Helgason said of the process involving exporting game code to Microsoft platforms. "And once you build what you want to build you can just export it directly. So now we're adding, in collaboration with Microsoft, Xbox One support later this year and we also worked with them to make the Windows store export free."

Unity is one of the most popular cross-platform game development suites offered today and the backbone of popular games such as Kentucky Route Zero, Gone Home, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Project Eternity and Deus Ex: The Fall. The company recently offered its mobile development tools to indies and small studios free of charge. The next update, version 4.3, is due this fall and will focus on providing developers with specific tools aiding development of 2D games.

Source: Joystiq & OXM