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Thread: The Official: I'm playing GTA 5 Thread.

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    Default The Official: I'm playing GTA 5 Thread.

    Got my copy for the XBOX 360 and managed to play the intro bit. I am thoroughly impressed. If I didn't have a massive flu I'd probably be even more impressed!

    Note: For those playing on the XBOX 360, remember to install ONLY the "install" disc. Do NOT install the "play" disc as well.

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    How are the graphics on the 360?

    Personally i'm going to wait for the PC version.
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    My brother's in Canada playing the PS3 version.

    "Its incredible. I don't want to stop playing it."

    Straight from the horse's mouth. I am so jelly.

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    Got it a midnight launch last night (PS3 version), started playing at about 1:30 and I have no idea what time I passed out, but I do know that I felt like a zombie at work today. What I've played so far is nothing short of amazing, Rockstar have once again outdone themselves.

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    I didn't get a copy but I did get 3 posters from our Megarom rep!

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    I just started playing it and if it looks this good on this hardware then it will look amazing on the next gen consoles.
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    busy installing, was at the shops first thing this morning before they opened the doors so been jags all day for it =P

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    I have to agree that the game is awesome. But looking at the pre-launch screenshots and videos I'm of the opinion that it was rendered on next gen hardware. When it comes out on the PS4, I'm getting it for sure. That's not to say the Xbox 360 version isn't awesome already though.

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