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Thread: Business and labour to blame for strikes

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    Default Business and labour to blame for strikes

    Both business and labour are to blame for the current strife within South Africa's labour relations market, Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant said on Friday.

    Opening the 18th National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) annual summit in Johannesburg, Oliphant said the rising number of strikes needed to be addressed.

    "We allow a situation where there will be a deadlock... then you will go back to the [negotiating] table after the strike has happened," more here: Business and labour to blame for strikes

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    Wonder if these idiots know how to run a business? They seriously think money just comes off a magic tree?

    If we pay more...they want more....they never happy. Although I agree there are businesses that are taking advantage of people, they they cant generalise....

    A business owner has a dream, creates a business through hard work etc...and builds it up to a successful enterprise....and they just want everything for free....more ...more...more...

    The idiots dont realise their constant striking etc is whats costing money....if a business goes down due to loss of income because of production loss you think they care?.....nah...they go strike somewhere else. Never just grateful they have a bloody job!....

    They have no idea about running costs, bills etc...they just see lots of money coming in and think owners are all just rich! Actually pisses me off...

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