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Thread: *WINNER* PS Plus + PSN voucher bundle courtesy of

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    Default *WINNER* PS Plus + PSN voucher bundle courtesy of

    Courtesy of, we are giving away the following prize:

    • PSN R200 voucher + 90 days PlayStation Plus subscription

    To enter the competition, simply vote on the poll attached to this thread.

    The competition closes at 11AM on Wednesday, 9 October 2013. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, 9 October 2013.

    NB: PSN codes only work with South African PlayStation accounts.

    Get up to speed with the Standard MyGaming competition rules

    That's the short and sweet version. Read on to learn more about

    You can also follow them on Facebook: on Facebook

    I asked Prepaidgamer a few questions to learn more about the company, and their representative will be hanging out on MyGaming if you have further questions.

    MyGaming forum member: - Specials, Promotions, Support

    What does offer? is an online retailer which specialises in digital game codes and game time for a range of services and games, including Xbox LIVE, PSN, World of Warcraft and Battlefield 3 (PC). Thanks to our automated software, codes are made available "instantly" on payment confirmation, 24 hours a day, allowing gamers to top-up without delay.

    Where is based?

    We're a 100% South African owned and run company, and operate our online store from the Pietermaritzburg, KZN area. Being in an area which is under-serviced by larger retailers and game-specific stores, we know all too well how difficult it is to get hold of games on time. The inconvenience of having to drive into a busy CBD-area or mall, find parking and then fight with the masses, only to be disappointed by high prices and the lack of availability, is something no gamer wants to contend with. We incorporate this thinking into everything we do, and strive to overcome the problems associated with brick and mortar stores through our online offerings.

    What guarantee do shoppers have that your store is trustworthy?

    We are a registered company and have been in business for over 4 years providing digital gaming codes in South Africa. Trust is a fundamental pillar of any online store, and we believe we have built a positive reputation over the years through honest business practices and always ensuring a high level of transparency when dealing with customers through our sister site Customer privacy and safety is also a top priority, and we incorporate the latest security and encryption technology to ensure the best experience when using our site and making payments. We invite anyone wanting to know more about our company to view our "About Us" page.

    What is your affiliation with is owned and operated by the same company. is an expansion of our online offerings, allowing for a wider range of products, while still offering the same high level of service.

    With Microsoft phasing out MS Points, is PrepaidGamer going to take over from is a natural evolution for us, and we believe many of our current customers will find the new design, product range and overall features of the new site an attractive alternative. While Microsoft will be phasing out MS Points over the coming months, they will still be redeemable on Xbox LIVE through 2014, and so we will continue to support and provide our services via the website for the foreseeable future, including the new Xbox Gift Cards which are expected sometime in October.

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    Awesome thanks for the update James, i especially like the last option in the poll btw
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    Awesome! Can always use a few more months on my PS+ subscription and some cash for PSN sales.

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    If I have to win this, I'll definitely get a subscription . Considering the large amount of freebies PS gives out.
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    PS+ is so damn crazy I just don't have enough time to play all the top class games they actually offer. For R500 a year it's actually ridiculous.

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    Thanks to the auto renew option, I've got another year subscription >.< But thankfully it'll carry over PS4 (if I ever get one )
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    Thanks for the great prize

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    Yes!Finally I'll be able to have a PS Plus account,I really want this.
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    Got myself PS+ for my vita. Still trying to decide on getting a PS3 or a PS4. If only PS4 were backwards compatible, it'd be a no-brainer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murfle View Post
    Got myself PS+ for my vita. Still trying to decide on getting a PS3 or a PS4. If only PS4 were backwards compatible, it'd be a no-brainer.
    Get the ps3,there are so many games to play on it,the ps4 doesn't have much yet.
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