This guide will hopefully serve new members of the MyGaming forum to familiarise themselves with the forum and its culture.

First, read the rules

Everyone should be familiar with the basic rules of the forum, and this goes a long way to making your stay here a pleasant one.

MyGaming Forum rules

Introduce yourself

The first place to start would be the introduction thread where you can say hi and tell people a little about yourself and your gaming history: Introduce yourself here

Posting etiquette

Posting on a forum is a little different to having a chat with your mates on Facebook, and generally we like to see posts that contribute to a discussion by adding something to it, expanding on what is already being discussed, or where you give your opinion on the matter and/or comment on someone else's opinion.

The forum is arranged by sections and topics so you can easily see what is relevant to the discussion at hand.

Posts such as: "lol good jk +1 xD xD" will not be viewed as a constructive contribution to a discussion.

You should use correct grammar and spelling (to the best of your abilities) in your posts. Shorthand "SMS speak" will not be tolerated.

You are most welcome to post guides, tips, advice, and pose your own questions for problems you may be having.

Thread titles (aka post topics) should be informative and descriptive about what the thread is intended to discuss.

Please make sure that you post your topics in the correct section of the forum. If you make a mistake, you can notify a mod using the "report post" tools, and they will move it to the correct section.

English is the primary language of the forum, but users are welcome to post in any of the official languages of South Africa. The general rule is that the thread should be continued in the language chosen by the original poster. Switching languages halfway through a discussion is rude as it excludes participants in the discussion who do not understand the language.

Off Topic

While the MyGaming forum is obviously focussed on gaming, hardware, Internet, and tech discussions, these are not the only things we are interested in. There are plenty of general discussions taking place in the Off Topic section of the forum.

We do have a place for casual discussions not driven by any topic - the Thread Killer can be found in the Off Topic section of the forum.

Forum discussion search

Before posting a topic or question, it is advisable to search the forum for existing topics because members do not like to see the same old discussion coming up repeatedly, and doing so means the discussion isn't taking place in one location.

The easiest way to search is using the Google Search tool which can be found in the toolbar at any place on the forum, and through this link: MyGaming Google search


It is generally bad practice to revive a thread that has not been active for some time - the is known as "necro-posting".

If there is not a currently active thread about that particular topic, then there is no harm in creating a new one as a fresh start.

Forum tools

There are some tools available at the bottom of each post that allow users to report posts they find offensive or break the forum rules.

You will also be able to give users a reputation boost if they make a post that you find useful, funny, informative - any criteria of your own choosing really. Your reputation is represented by the little green blocks above your forum name.

Existing members

The MyGaming forum is full of long-standing members who are friendly, fun, and helpful. We encourage all members to be civil and help those who are new to the forum. They are easily identifiable by their post-count; the longer you've been with MyGaming, the more posts you'll likely have.

Do not be afraid of sending someone a private message (PM) if you have a question. You are welcome to PM an administrator or mod at any time. The active admins and mods can be identified by the green colour of their forum name.