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Thread: Sony vid takes you through 18 years of PlayStation in one bedroom

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    Default Sony vid takes you through 18 years of PlayStation in one bedroom

    Above you'll find a clever video that touches on the cultures of three decades and experiences of four different PlayStation consoles, all from one London bedroom. It's so weird to think the PlayStation brand is 18 years old, going on 19, which means I've been enjoying PlayStation games for more than half my life - and I'm ooooold.

    Source : Joystiq & Sony Youtube Channel

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    Pretty awesome video that.

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    That ps1 , had mine for a long time.

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    I miss my previous consoles watching that
    Quote Originally Posted by Wenzdayz View Post
    ja they must watch it just now i decide to beat them with my empty Ricci Louw bottle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwaai View Post
    That ps1 , had mine for a long time.
    That PSone Startup tone, it's so nostalgic...

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    very awesome video
    I think I may just get a PS 4
    that vid brought back so many memories

    Originally posted by Tpex (2009 game review) having a knife fight in a phone booth

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    Notice how the PS4 only had two games on the floor!

    Ah, the good old days. I actually expected that advert to show a kid at 6 playing PS1, growing up to be on PS2 by the age of 12, a PS3 at 18 and finally cracking open a PS4 at 25 with their new family.

    I started playing on the PSOne when I was eleven, we got the slim version a year after its launch, used that for two years and moved to the PS2. We got the PS3 in late 2006, it was a second-hand model.
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    Wow...brings back some good memories. The sound effects and startup screens are what really get you.

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    Brilliant Video.
    The nostalgia you get from just the startup soundz is amazing.
    Definately 1 for the FANBOYZ.

    Peace "B"

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