This is a video response posted by TotalBiscuit with regards to a recent first impression video he posted...

It is shameful that a developer can be so petty as to report one of the most respected gaming Youtubers just because he didn't like their game. It is a blatant example of censorship. I've now seen many other prominent Youtubers getting behind TB as they express their support for his cause.

In short what the video entails:
TB posted a video in which he gives his honest opinion about Day One: Gary's Incident. This was done after getting explicit permission from the developers to do so. The developers of the game, Wild Games Studios, then decided that, because the video was overall negative, to take it down. The reason they gave are that "TB doesn't have any right to make money off of their licence". Which is funny, because TB's job, which he gets paid for, is to make Youtube videos, something they gave him permission to do.

What's your opinion about the incident?