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Thread: pc xbox and xbone controller

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    Default pc xbox and xbone controller

    Hey does anyone know or want to speculate whats going to happen with next gen games that are ported to pc, are we going to have to get xbone controllers or will the current xbox 360 pc controller work with those new games.

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    As far as I know, the X1 controller doesn't support Xinput, which is what the 360 controller currently uses. Also, Microsoft has said that they're only going to work on drivers for the X1 controller for PC next year, so for now just stick to the 360 controller if you have it

    Nobody really knows what's going to happen.

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    Im just thinking if the new games, like witcher 3 for instance is going to be only xbone and not 360 what's going to happen with the controller support on pc will it work with the 360 on pc or will it require xbone.

    I mean the amount of buttons is the same but from a hardware perspective im not sure how the controller communicates with windows and in turn with games

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    Games like witcher 3 will work fine with the current xbox360 controller, it is just a api they use in the engine.
    IF they support controllers on PC, the 360 one will be supported.

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    I'm willing to bet that most if not all PC games will continue to support standard controller inputs, even if they are ported from the new consoles.

    It's all the same buttons at the end of the day.

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