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Thread: Banned from the igame alpha server for no reason

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    Default Banned from the igame alpha server for no reason

    I was playing as normal end then boom i was kicked. Tried to reconnect again and saw i was temp banned. My brother asked the only admin, sky i think, why I was banned and no reason was given.

    Is this how you guys normally operate ?

    ps. So now I have heard it was because I started a vote to kick a player, because he would not move back to his team because they were losing. His move caused an unbalanced game.

    So why is the option available to kick a player when it is apparently against the rules? And why was I banned if the vote was passed 6-2 ? And why was the admin so damn rude ?
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    Hi Aeon,

    The kick voting has been abused by players in the past, that is why we have the rules against using kick votes. Only admins are allowed to kick players from our servers. As a player you have no right to kick someone, the kick vote temp bans a player for 45 mins, you can ask the admin that is on duty to sort it out for you. Unfortunately the voting system in COD4 is flawed, if you disable kick voting you disable map voting as well. SO it is either everything or nothing. We prefer to keep the voting enabled for those late night games when a few players want to play shipment/killhouse or for the odd map change when crossfire has been played 4 or 5 times in a row.

    I am not aware of any admin on duty with the name "Sky". If there was an admin on it was quite possibly a junior admin who himself is on a probation period and in training. If you did not get a reply he/she probably did not see the question or it was a junior admin who is only allowed to warn players and not get into debates/fights on the servers.

    Our rules can be found under the General Overview of our forums. Please read through them to avoid any further misunderstandings. If an admin was rude to you, please screenshot this and send it to me at [email protected]

    I take the admin duties of the public admins very seriously and any admin that oversteps or gets abusive with his power will be removed from his/her position. I do not believe though that you can call someone rude because they did not answer you within a given time period. That is why most of the admins, as Nemesis posted above, will give you the [email protected] e-mail or my e-mail so we can handle queries, suggestions and complaints off server. The server is there so you can play your game everything else can be sorted out elsewhere.

    I am locking the thread, you can contact me via the e-mail provided should you have any more complaints or queries.

    "What's with the poop face?"

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