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Thread: Klei's next game renamed to "Invisible, Inc."

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    Default Klei's next game renamed to "Invisible, Inc."

    Klei Entertainment, the developer behind Don't Starve, Mark of the Ninja, and Shank, announced that its upcoming spy-themed turn-based tactics game has changed its name from Incognita to Invisible, Inc."After some focus testing, Invisible, Inc. was better received than the old 'Incognita,'" Klei said on its official forums. "Our focus of the design does not change in that it will still be a game of turn based tactical espionage."

    The announcement also came with a new trailer, which shows off some gameplay from an alpha build. Klei describes Invisible, Inc as a turn-based, procedurally generated espionage game that takes cues from the XCOM series, and that it will depend heavily on player positioning.

    If you pre-order the game today through its official website, you'll get access to the alpha version, all future alpha and beta builds, as well as the final version of the game when it's released later this year. When you buy access you'll receive a key that must be redeemed through Steam.

    You can buy early access for $17, or pay $20 and get the soundtrack for the game as well. At the moment, it's only available for Windows PC.

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    It looks an awful lot like a mixture of Shadowrun Returns and the upcoming Underrail. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

    I'll definitely keep an eye on it. You can never have too many tactical turn-based strategy games.

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