Scoured the forums, and couldn't find a thread dedicated to Counter Strike:Global Offensive, so I've started one!

I've always been a fan of MMO's and MOBA's, and basically tried to steer away from the FPS genre. That was until this gem went on sale in the Steam Store.

I've played nothing else for the past two weeks. As my first FPS, it's been a major learning curve, but I'm slowing getting the hang of it. I spend a lot of time on the local Casual and Competitive servers, and Deathmatch occasionally to sharpen my (non-existent) skills.

I tried out the official Competitive servers, and found that I enjoy the 5v5 setup a lot more than the general mess that happens in the 24v24 on the local servers. I managed to get my Operation:Bravo coin to Silver, and was genuinely surprised when my ranking was eventually shown: Silver II! That's slightly better than total nub, I think? My favourite map at the moment is de_dust2 - probably cause it's the map everyone wants to play ALL the time, so I've just had a boatload of games on it now.

Anyway, what have been your experiences with CS:GO, what are your strategies, do you run in Comp games or just play Casual on the local servers, what's your ranking, etc?

Fire away!