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Thread: Watchdogs May run at sub-1080 on XBONE

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    Default Watchdogs May run at sub-1080 on XBONE

    During a recent event showing of Watchdogs, the following details seemed to have emerged

    So, the PC version can run up to 4K resolution for those who’ve remortgaged their house to get a kick-ass gaming PC, but of course framerates will vary. Don’t even try it you there at the back, sporting your 8800 GT!

    Meanwhile the PS4 version of Watch Dogs will be trucking along at 1080p 30fps, while the Xbox One will be bringing up the rear, running at 960p 30fps. The PS4 version shades it for now, but it’s questionable how much of a difference it will make visually.
    Another punch in favour of PS4 in the ever going resolution wars? Or will XBONE make up for the slight deficit in other ways.

    Full article here

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    well Xbone is going to be coming third this whole generation,Pc>Ps4>Xbone.

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    I wonder if Watch Dogs on the Wii U will run 1080p? If it does then the XBOne has some serious issues. I'll just do what I normally do and wait for the first revision on the hardware to come out. Hopefully they can fix something in the interim.

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    So is Forza 5 the only game that the XBone is currently able to play at 1080p?
    My ignore list: growing too fast to keep updating.

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    Seems like it, but have a look at

    looks like they have downgraded some graphical components of the game to make it run smoother at 1080p

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    Perhaps DX12 may be the saving grace the XBONE needs to do get to the 1080 mark of gaming.

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