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    Default MyGaming Steam Community

    I know the people who are playing MW2 have a steam group but thought it would be cool to have a thread where in everyone just posts their Steam User ID so we can build our own MyGaming Steam community. Just add you Steam User ID below.

    _Caboose_ _Caboose_24
    AuToPh0b1A AuToPh0b1A
    Avatar Avatar
    CARNaG3za CARNaG3za
    Crzwaco CrazyWaco
    Daederus Daederus
    Deceptor Deceptor
    dude#73 huzi73
    Fivel fivelza
    fridgevr fr1dg3vr817
    Grimspoon Grimspoon
    Isengard Isengard
    JackBauer pietpompies3
    Necuno JadeX667
    Nemesis jsnx99
    OmegaFenix22 OmegaFenix22
    PaPaRaZZ! tbasson
    phant1m phant1mh
    S!Ko SiKo_ZA
    Sanji Sanji_ZA
    SharkBait SharkBait
    Slipperyduck [grrr]leelo
    Sockmonkey sockmonkeyza
    Stalkerh Stalkerh
    SubOracle SubOracle
    sycogrim Sycogrim
    Voicy VoicyZA

    Blaze786 [U7Z] Obituaryan ?
    DuncanBell Terak or duncanbellsa ?
    Tank tankstorm ?
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