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Thread: 50 EA titles getting the chop

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    Default 50 EA titles getting the chop

    EA to shut down 50 titles

    Battlefield 2, Crysis 2, and Command and Conquer 3 are among the affected games

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    Good many their servers will be improved
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    But shouldn't they make a package of sorts so that people can host their own servers? Then if you want to host a retro event, you can
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    Quite sad about Crysis 1. Quite fun to play and the German community still keeps that gaming relatively thriving.

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    Am I correct in assuming that it won't affect single player at all?

    And what's the situation with GFWL?
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    This is really sad. Do you know how many of those games still have thriving online communities? According to the comments on the article there are user-made alternatives to Gamespy, but how many people who are playing these games right now will bother with the schlep of setting them up in the first place?

    I really hope game developers and publishers learn their lesson from this. Don't rely on third-party applications for your multiplayer.

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    Good thing I guess.

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    What's good about games that people are still playing losing their multiplayer functionality?

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