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Thread: ATi releases new drivers

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    Good to hear ATI have cleaned up their driver act. Maybe I might even consider an ATI card for my next upgrade.

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    Default Fast local download!

    Gawd! that was fast. Windows7 + Bitcomet on a capped (Local only 33GIG used) account, Telkom Internet FTW, took just a few minutes at a solid 459 kbs download. Nice that Windows7 comes together!

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    I may be one of the lucky few who hasn't had an issue with an ATi card. I had no hassles with my ATi 3D Rage back in the day and the Radeon HD3650 I put into a Media Centre PC I built for someone was also trouble free.

    I feel as though I have been missing out.
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    Thank you for the link, use for beta drivers if you like to experiment.

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