Tecmo Koei's upcoming third person shooter 'Quantum Theory' will now be coming to the Xbox 360 after initially being developed exclusively for the PS3. The classic N64 game Perfect Dark is being re-created by Rare for Xbox Live Arcade and they have now released some new screenshots of the game. Gearbox have remained tight-lipped over a Borderlands sequel, not revealing whether the next instalment is in development yet. Left 4 Dead 2 is apparently more mod friendly than the original according to L4Dmods.com, so expect new custom-made models mods arriving soon. Team 17 the developers of the soon to be released Alien Breed: Evolution Xbox Live Arcade game have been explaining their exclusivity to the Xbox 360. And after an hours play on Darksiders we give you our first impressions of the game as War battles it out on earth against a whole load of demonic bad guys.