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Thread: Paying Too Much??

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    Default Paying Too Much??

    Hi All

    Just a quick thanks to everyone for the great posts here. I am making a return to gaming after a very long break (I still think Star Control 2 is the best game ever) and I've learned a lot by lurking on this forum.

    I am looking to buy this gaming/home office rig and it looks pretty well-priced but thought I would check with people who know more than me The rig is through an online retailer who will build it for me and install the OS. This is important because I tend to break things, and I still have nightmares about installing Windows 98. They don't provide all of the details for some of the components
    - i5 4590
    - MSI H81 MOBO
    - 128gb SSD (probably the Crucial MX100 based on what sell as individual components)
    - 400W PSU
    - 8gb DDR3 ram
    - Standard Case
    - Windows 8.1
    - Office Home and Student (a bonus since I would have to buy it anyway)
    - MSI R9270 OC (this is the only component I will buy separately but I'm told it's easy to install)
    Total: R11200

    I realise the SSD is small but I will add to later as needs arise.

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    Welcome back. Which retailer are you using to get these prices and information?

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    Evetech is OK far as I can remember, playing on a laptop these days so I haven't bought hardware in a while. Might want to wait for the guru's to post though, they can help you more than I would be able to. Have you looked at Evetech's pre built systems? And what is your budget ceiling?

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    My budget is set at 12k. I looked at their pre-built systems but I need an SSD and don't want a graphics card lower than the R9270 so that makes things a bit tricky. I also looked at Wootware and a few other places but this seemed to be the best. I imagine that if I build it myself I could get a better rig but apart from the fact that I am hopeless at that kind of thing, time is pretty scarce at the moment so I'm happy to sacrifice a better rig for the convenience.

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    12k with or without windows 8? You are sacrificing a lot of budget just for the OS.

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    All I can say is, contact The Joker. He usually offers better pricing and bang for buck on his PC builds, more so than Evetech.

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    Thanks. My budget is 12k with OS and Office so I guess that means it's around 10k for the hardware alone.

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    Don't just buy any SSD. There are some really crap SSDs out there that are hardly better than normal spinning drives. Do your research properly and ensure that you buy a well-known well-performing SSD.
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    12k for all of that? Seems like they are putting a 30% markup on everything. I never trust pre-build systems.

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