Hi All

Just a quick thanks to everyone for the great posts here. I am making a return to gaming after a very long break (I still think Star Control 2 is the best game ever) and I've learned a lot by lurking on this forum.

I am looking to buy this gaming/home office rig and it looks pretty well-priced but thought I would check with people who know more than me The rig is through an online retailer who will build it for me and install the OS. This is important because I tend to break things, and I still have nightmares about installing Windows 98. They don't provide all of the details for some of the components
- i5 4590
- 128gb SSD (probably the Crucial MX100 based on what sell as individual components)
- 400W PSU
- 8gb DDR3 ram
- Standard Case
- Windows 8.1
- Office Home and Student (a bonus since I would have to buy it anyway)
- MSI R9270 OC (this is the only component I will buy separately but I'm told it's easy to install)
Total: R11200

I realise the SSD is small but I will add to later as needs arise.