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Thread: *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* Rebel Tech Week 3: Corsair Vengeance M65 White mouse give-away

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    Default *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* Rebel Tech Week 3: Corsair Vengeance M65 White mouse give-away

    Name:  Corsair Vengeance M65 White.jpg
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Size:  17.2 KBName:  Corsair MM200 Gaming Mouse Mat.jpg
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    This week Rebel Tech and MyGaming are giving away two Corsair Vengeance M65 White mouses mice? mousen, each with a Corsair Vengeance MM200 Gaming Mouse Mat (Standard size).

    This will be a MyGaming Activity Competition™.

    Remember that even if you're not interested in this prize, entering will give you an additional entry into the grand prize draw during week 5.

    Because there are two prizes to give away, the activity competition will be expanded to include the top 50 posters on MyGaming.

    How do I even Top 50 Activity Competition?

    A quick recap of how top N activity competitions work:

    Spamming and other shenanigans will get you disqualified. No warnings, just BAM you're out.

    This competition runs from Monday, 15 September until noon on Monday, 22 September 2014.

    That's the short of it. Here's the longer blurb and not-so-fine print:

    Corsair Vengeance M65 White mouse + Corsair M200 Standard mouse pads, with Rebel Tech and MyGaming

    The MyGaming activity system lets us run competitions that reward the most active member(s) on the forum during a period of time.

    This competition is part of the Gargantuan Gaming Gear Give-Away with Rebel Tech and MyGaming.

    As such, participating in this competition will give you an additional entry into the grand prize we're giving away during week 5.

    For the purposes of qualifying for your additional entry into the grand prize draw you need to make but 3 quality posts before the closing date. Responding to this thread with a customary well-wishing to the effect that the best man/woman/xenomorph win, counts towards the 3.

    Three is not too much to ask, so please don't spam. Spamming (and other shenanigans) will only get you an infraction, likely get your offending posts deleted, and possibly get you altogether disqualified. Just don't do it.


    Winner announcement

    • The winner will be announced in this thread, as well as in a new thread in the MyGaming competition forum.
    • Reminders may be sent out via the MyGaming Twitter stream and MyGaming Facebook page, but don't bank on them.

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    There's a GIF for that MetalSoup's Avatar
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    Nice prize, if you're not left handed.

    Good luck everybody!

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    Personally that mouse is soooo fugly, only it's mother could love it. But that mousepad looks good though

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    Ooh, I actually need a new mouse. Mine started acting up a while ago, not registering clicks, then registering 2 or 3 clicks when I only clicked once. I've only heard good things about these Corsair Vengeance mousen :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
    Nice prize, if you're not left handed.

    Good luck everybody!
    i'm actually ambidextrous. I speak English and Afrikaans equally well

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    thats one scary looking mouse or can we call it a rat ?

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    YAAAAHAAAAR! I've been wanting that exact mouse, IN WHITE, for more than a year! If ever I win something on MyG, it's going to be THIS prize... Heed my words forumites and powers-that-be, HEED MY WORDS!

    Best of luck to you losers* anyway, because I'm winning this one.

    * In this competition, obviously. Not in life.

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    I'm left handed...but I use a mouse like a normal person, who the hell in their right minds uses a mouse with their left hand, makes absolutely no sense. how do you game with WASD then???

    EDIT: Oh, epic cool giveaway by the way

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    I dono what you guys are going on about i think that mouse is HOT!

    Another Great prize, Thanks My gaming and Rebel Tech!

    "I shave my arms so I'm more aerodynamic in a fight" Wlad 2016

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