So I was in Cape Town recently and I found out about VRACADE.

I hadn't tried VR, well I tried Google Cardboard and got violently sick. Despite that experience I was undeterred I wanted to see the VR would I kept seeing people rave about.

VR is expensive and I wasn't prepared to lay down a lot of money on something that would end up collecting dust in the closet next to my Wii.

Thankfully I found out about VRAcade and I could taste the world of VR with out it taking a bite out of my wallet.

I've seen review of people talking about the lens and screen door and all that, so I noticed those things, but they went away quick. And once the headset went on and the headphones came down. I was gone, or rather everyone around me was.

I really loved my time in VR. You got to experience it to really know how good it is.

Sure a lot of the stuff are demos or gimmicky, but it sure is fun.
There are a few other titles I would really like to try out but I didn't get around to. It's been almost a year since the Vive was released so eager to see what comes.

Anyway that's just my 5c.

Now I just got to figure, how best do get me a Vive. I got some rather good kidneys, I could trade.