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Thread: Gaming’s best anti-piracy measures

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    Default Gaming’s best anti-piracy measures

    Gaming’s best anti-piracy measures

    To defeat the pirates, sometimes you have to take things to the next level

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    And yet crackers will crack the game perfectly. Some pirated games have better support than legit copies.

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    yea its just how it is. Games will come out and they will be cracked. I just still think if you going to play it online get the real deal. Sadly i dont game alot of other games im so fixed on one game and trying to get better at that.

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    I remember the Red scorpion one in Serious Sam.. was kept thinking WTF
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    The best anti-piracy measures I've seen have been from Paradox. Make games people want to pay for, sell them for dirt cheap in Steam sales and Humble Bundles and make money off of tons of DLC (that the vast majority of fans are more than willing to pay for).

    How about League of Legends and DOTA? Make a game that people will pay even when they don't need to.

    How about CS:GO or TF2? You could have pirated the games, but it would be a hell of mission to play online - which is what those games are all about.

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