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Thread: Saints Row 2 (steam error)

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    Unhappy Saints Row 2 (steam error)

    I have bought this game as i was installing it i saw it work with razor1911 OK fine.But when i double click the exe. for saints row 2 i get an steam error:Application load error 5:0000065434.But what i don't understand as i Googled the problem the people ther just say its not even a steam game so please help me


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    Your best bet would be to ask at the official Saints Row 2 support forums. You can get there by going to the Saints Row 2 website and then going to Community->Forums.

    It looks like a lot of people are having problems launching Saints Row 2, though when googling your error all the link results have to do with the razor1911 (pirated) version.

    Did you have the pirated version of the game on your machine before buying the original or something like that maybe?

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    Thats a pirated version of the game. Don't expect any help on the matter. :/

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