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    Cool Official Elite Dangerous Thread

    Hey guys,

    I backed Elite Dangerous, did you?

    The game is due to be released this year still and there is a big press event already organised for the 22nd of November. I suspect that they will either announce that the game is live right there and then, or announce the release date then.

    Here are some of the best videos that I've been able to find so far: beta 1.03 beta 2.04

    This game is in a similar vein to Star Citizen but will be available months if not years before Star citizen.

    CMDR Names - PC
    Avatar - CMDR njardus
    axon1988 - CMDR Bologniusmaximus
    BeoTek - CMDR Frampt
    BeoTek - CMDR Andre of Astora
    Blazzok - CMDR Blazzok
    GregRedd - CMDR Greg Redd
    InSanity - CMDR InSanityZA
    Malice - CMDR James Murdock
    Wyzak - CMDR Wyzak

    CMDR Names - Xbox:
    BeoTek - CMDR BeoTeKza
    DieGrootHammer - CMDR DieGrootHammer
    Hiro - CMDR Hiro ZA
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