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Thread: MyGaming Secret Santa

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    Default MyGaming Secret Santa

    Welcome to the MyGaming Secret Santa for 2014

    This year we will be exchanging gifts to one another, it's going to be exciting!

    For those of you that don't know what all this is about, here is a quick rundown. - there will be a list of active MyG members that will receive a name randomly drawn by the Grand Poobah, and you have to buy an inexpensive gift for that person. This can be soap-on-a-rope, the latest Indie title no-one wants to play, or something grand and amazing, it's entirely up to you. It's as simple as that.

    But, as all fun things in life, you need a safe word or a few rules. So here are the current rules to this project:

    1. You do not talk about whom you have received as Secret Santa... please... keep it anonymous.
    2. All decisions are final, and you are stuck with the person bestowed upon you. We do not have the admin time to manage members changing who they got for secret santa.
    3. The budget of the gifts are set to R200. You can spend up to that amount, but no one can ever force you not to exceed it (wink wink).
    4. We would really appreciate it if you actually send the gift. If you just don't do anything, people will get sad and feel left out, and we don't want that.
    5. I have spoken to someone at the post office today and they said that sending parcels are fine again. If you send the parcel via Econo post - it will be about R22 for anything under 1KG and it gets a tracking number as well. (I aka Wyvern, have made use of this method a lot and so far not one parcel has gone missing - except that one time this idiot forgot to pick it up. . . )
    6. The members on our mystery list was chosen looking at past activity on the forum, membership to the MyGaming Steam Group, and overall suggestions from other well-standing members. It is entirely possible that you may have not been mentioned on this list though. To get onto the list please VOTE!
    7. Members wishing to join the Secret Santa must have been active on the forums in the past few months, or have more than 500 posts. To be added to the list please bribe PM me (Wyvern) or DieGrootHammer to receive invite after careful consideration OR just VOTE on this thread. (New members need to have at least 2 long standing members who can vouch for them to join the list.)

    These rules are here to ensure that we all have fun with this, and that we don't get fly-by-night spammers trying to get presents with no intentions to give anything.

    If you do not want to participate please vote no - if you do not vote, your name will not be in consideration for this. And you will NOT get a second chance to join in the fun.

    Then if you feel uncomfortable with giving random strangers on the internet your postal address, fear not, as your name will be put up for a steam gift only. So please vote, and then to confirm your vote, send Wyvern a PM with either your steam id (if you do not want to receive postage) or postal address. We will try and group the giftings that those who want to receive post, to be matched up with those willing to post. And the steam group with the steam people.

    I will give you all till next week friday at 14:00 to submit your vote, finalise the list and give it to the Grand Poobah to do the draw. I will not be following up to check if you sent me a pm or not - if you haven't then your details will not go onto the list even if you have voted, so remember to PM ME!

    Wyvern & DieGroothammer
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    Nicely done Wyvern & DieGroothammer. I'm in!

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    Just so ya'll know... ya'll getting socks from me /jk


    Seriously, though I got some FABULOUS ideas
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    I am in
    Drummer | Gamer | Audiophile | Beard

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuckKnuckle View Post
    I am in
    Vote you foo!~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glordit View Post
    Vote you foo!~
    On my phone! Will vote later tonight.
    Drummer | Gamer | Audiophile | Beard

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    The thing that should not be Tsar's Avatar
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    I would but I don't have anything to give

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    Just remember guys once you vote, you need to send me a pm with either Steam ID or Postal Addy - or both if you wanna do either.

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    Next year

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    I'll play along... (if illegible)

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