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    Tropico 3 Review

    Become an oppressive dictator or benevolent man of the people in this Caribbean city building sim
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    ummmm TM there is a problem with the link.... it points you to a page to create a new thread...
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    If you like city building games this is surely one of the best in a while! The best thing about it is that you feel like your city is alive! That is the most important aspect of a city builder imo.

    Just be warned, it requires quite a hefty system to run it on high settings (which ideally you want to be running it on, since anything below that it gets a bit ugly imo) I start to get some stuttering on my system (see sig) when my city gets to above 100 - 150 people which is quite unpleasant and kind of ruins it for me If you have a quad core CPU, I'm sure you would have no problems though.

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    I played the demo, was good fun iro gameplay and the graphics was certainly not found wanting which is excellent 'cause I haven't see all that many shiny city builders, cept for simcity societies which wasn't very impression in any other respect.

    Only thing I couldnt figure out while playing was after spending mucho mucho cash on a heavy militant setup / prison's military police etc was how to kill the pests who launched a coup cause I didn't give into their demands in time - unbelievable!

    Can't wait to get the full version.

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    How does this compare to CitiesXL? was told to get CitiesXL from one of my mates, but Tropico3 seems a little more interesting TBH
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    This looks sooo good, the first one was awesome, guys the buity of this game is its more of a country sim then a city sim, i remember starting huge primary resource citys in different parts of the map and watching them link together gradually, so much fun!

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    Ive been playing Tropico 3 , its awesome.
    Excellent balance between working with money , keeping your citizens happy and city building. Really worth getting if you enjoyed games like sim city , industry giant and transport tycoon. The only grype I have with it , is the way you build roads , sometimes you need to get a road to a place and the auto pathing of the road doesnt really work that well , im sure they will patch it soon. Its a fun game.

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    I never played the previous games, but I was really looking forward to this one. It took long enough for the local distributor to get it into the SA gaming community's hands. I played the demo and the road issue is also an irritation for me.

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    Played the demo....really addictive! Just a bit rough to navigate.
    got friend who try to get it from overseas soon!

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