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Thread: MyGaming Steam Community v2.0

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    Default MyGaming Steam Community v2.0

    Hi All

    Please post the link to your Steam profile in this thread.

    The MyGaming Community group can be found here:
    Membership is by invite only, so just ask anyone from this list to invite you.

    Forum Name Steam Username Steam Profile
    AlienTaker AlienTaker AlienTaker
    AlphaJohn AlphaJohn alphajohn
    ArchieChoke ArchieChoke ArchieChoke
    Armitag3 Armitag3 Armitag3
    Avatar Avatar njardus
    B1nary Pr0fPyr0 Pr0fPyr0
    BeoTek BeoTek BeoTeK
    Blazzok Blazzok blazzok
    bradbear117 brad_coetzee brad_coetzee
    chan0o Virulent0o virulent0o
    ClockworkNinja DaClockworkNinja DaClockworkNinja
    Crableg Crableg Crableg
    Crzwaco CrzWaco crzwaco
    CyberDemon Wushu CyberDemon
    czc CzechCrusader czc
    DarthMol DarthMol DarthMol
    deadlypinecone Deadlypinecone deadlypinecone
    Deceptor Lonthor Lonthor
    DieGrootHammer DieGrootH@mmer diegroothammer
    Dohc-WP Dohc-WP dohcwp
    Donisia Donisia Donisia
    DrDeth DrDeth drdeth
    Edelweiss You know what else is pink? starfish2
    Eugene MetalSoup MetalSoup
    FarligOpptreden FarligOpptreden farligopptreden
    Fivel Fivel Fivelza
    Flex Flex Flex
    FriedPet Nebula Prophet NebulaProphet
    GCF_Undefined adamdburton _Undefined
    Gforced JasonTodd gforc3D
    GregRedd GregRedd GregRedd
    Grievous General Grievous Grievous
    Hagan Hagan haganza
    Hiro HiroZA hiroza
    Jaco Smit jacosmitza jacosmitza
    Jaime McKane Nasrudin NasrudinZA
    James Hornet NightTimeHornets
    Jan Sigstart sigstart
    Keepa34 keepa34 keepa34
    KingKrush M3ND4C17Y M3ND4C17Y
    Kokkerot Kokkerot Kokkerot
    Kwaai Yezzy yezzywp
    MalicE MalicE Malice
    Mister 44 Mister 44 Mister_44
    MOnk Lantre Lantre
    mottamort mottamort mottamort
    murfle Disco Bear DiscoBear
    oltman oltman oltman
    phalen phalen phalen78
    PsychoFish PsychoFish PsychoFish
    Reavs Reavs Reavs8005
    Shrike Boersewors boersewors
    Solitude Solitude solitudesa
    Southpaw DanDaLion DanDaLionZA
    StaggerLee StaggerLee84 StaggerLee84
    Stefan9 interfan Stefan9
    The_Imp_ZA Tenacious D theflyingscotsman_za
    Tydmors Tydmors Tydmors
    ViperGTI ViperGTI ViperGTI
    VirtualForce VirtualForce virtualforce
    Weasley SirDieALot WeasleyAfslaan
    Wlad Myrdlok myrdlok
    Wyvern WyvrenZA WyvrenZA
    Wyzak wyzak wyzak
    Xiphan Xiphan Xiphan
    z1oc z1oc z1oc
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    Evil meet my Sword. Sword, meet Evil!

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    When an anti-piracy method is affecting the game for people who legitimately bought it and causing other people not to buy the game, there is obviously something wrong with it!

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    There's a GIF for that MetalSoup's Avatar
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    Default Steamgifts Call me Elimental... go figure

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