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Thread: Project Cars

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    Default Project Cars

    So i'm starting this thread now already so that when the game drops and all the Racing fans here loose their minds over this game they can come here

    I'm really looking forward to this game and for those interested in some online racing our online racing league will be going over from Game Stock Car Extreme to Project cars next year when it lands

    Ive seen a few builds of the game now and been following it's progress and development closely

    Hope i can still get my limited edition Also the community is really getting behind this game with the developers giving them a lot of access for modding and this is what is already available

    Also they are giving back to the community in a big way and i think this is great:
    "Members will receive a share of game sales profits generated within the first 3 years after launch as compensation for their efforts, to be paid quarterly"

    Also guys like the previous Stig, Hammelton and a few others have given feedback and input into many things in this game.

    And with the Dynamic weather and the ability to have a race weekend the same time as an actual F! weekend is gonna be fun with the game adapting to real world weather on the racing weekend so you don't have to go and do all those things yourself

    Enough ranting hope you guys are interested in this thread and game as much as i am
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    Is this really going to be the final name of the game? Because I think it's a terrible name.

    The game itself looks interesting, though.

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    Yeah the game's name is Final as Project Cars have my Col Edition on pre order for PC from BT games

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    Yeah, really happy this was delayed as now I should be able to afford it given it's current release date. Really stoked for this.

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    i've been playing the beta for the past month and a half now and the handling really needs a major overhaul imo and iv tried it with the xbox 360 controller and my logitech ferrari steering and all the cars just seem a bit too tail happy. Assetto corsa has the better physics and handling model out of the 2 atm.

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    Thing is the version we got was not near the finished product and i also felt that and i think that is one of the many reasons they held it back. But the finished product is going to be insane i just know it

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    I definitely have my eye on this one. It's been too long since I really got into a racing sim. It's out a little too close to GTA V PC so I might leave it for late April.

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    Ill get this before i get GTA 5 i just want this game so bad. i really think it's gonna change the outlook on racing sims when this drops

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    Ive never played any other driving games on pc since shift 2,i know its a very old game but i still enjoy it. I wanted to know if car modding is possible here or tuning atleast.

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