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Thread: VGC Top Ten: Worst Photoshop Disasters in Game Cover Art

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    Default VGC Top Ten: Worst Photoshop Disasters in Game Cover Art

    some epic fail stuff here

    Let me begin this VGC Top Ten with a statement: I will not deny that I am not good at using the popular photo editing suite Photoshop, but I know crap covers when I see them. Sometimes the cover art for a game seems to be a total afterthought, and looks as if it gets rushed to save money. As you will see many of these covers suffer from being “shovelware” so it is no surprise that the quality might be sub-par. But others look completely mental, sort of like if scientists trained a gorilla to not only speak in sign language, but to create bad Photoshop images as well. As with any of these, this top ten is in no particular order.

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    Brilliant! I loved the one with the babyz... Oh lets just use an istock photo shall we? And use a one-armed girl!
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    Haha that was a great list! The best are the IGN and istock pictures that were used in cover art.

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    LOL glad you guys approve

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