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Thread: Oculus Rift anyone?

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    Cool Oculus Rift anyone?


    Anyone has one? How's the experience so far? What are the PC requirements to run smoothly? What controller do you use?

    It's getting cheaper and cheaper to get the Dev Kit 2 ($350). Thinking of getting one but want to know if it's worth?


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    I've been eyeing it but I just can't justify spending that kind of money to basically test out the product. I'll wait for the consumer versions and decent quality game support before jumping into that, even though I'm quite excited for VR.

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    I'm also waiting for the consumer version and also to see if maybe its competition will be better. The consumer version will already be a lot better than the Dev Kit 2 so I'd say rather wait.

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    Iv got a mate who has one and he says he has barely touched it... I think its a bit silly to get a Dev kit... Wait until there are proper games out, and proper support etc... Why would you want to struggle with a Dev kit, and pay the same price, if not more, for something that isnt quite on par with what the final product will be...

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    When will these units be available to the public anyway?

    I saw there's some dev units available on gumtree, last time I checked, but it's kinda useless if you are not a developer
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    FYI - Oculus is delivering to SA directly. So, don't get scammed by markup prices elsewhere.

    This looks so cool -

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    [MENTION=11402]Armitag3[/MENTION] has one at work for.... "work"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MalicE View Post
    [MENTION=11402]Armitag3[/MENTION] has one at work for.... "work"
    Yes it is for work and on Fridays it is for "work". :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armitag3 View Post
    Yes it is for work and on Fridays it is for "work". :P
    Lol. WRT PC requirements, will a i7, 8GB RAM and GTX 970 be adequate to run it smoothly?

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